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We went 4 for 6. 20lb and 8lb king.
8 lb laker and 7lb steelie.
At 830 in 42fow got 20lb king on 3 colors on CJohn’s Gold Or Crush.
In 46fow on dipsey on 3 out 80’ got other king on CJohn’s Skinny Minnie.
Dropped same dipsey down later to 155’ and got the laker on same SMinnie.
Around 12:30 got the steelie on same 3 colors with GOC.
We ran a little hot, upper 2s to 3.1SOG. We heard kings in St Joe liked that speed.
Two we lost were on SB rigger with tin can dodger with spin n glo one time and green fly the other. Mate had them on for a while both times and didn’t stay. Depth was 40’.
SW wind 5-10, waves about a foot.
Surface temp in 42 was 48; around 60’ was 46. 
On 20lb king, crazy story was backer line on 3 colors broke and we had to make very slow 180 with other 7 lines out to try and get the board back. We finally netted the board with fish still on. We used inline board to wind up the lead core while I had lined the fish in. Almost lost him in the motor n the other rigger. Fun, fun, fun. Definitely team TRW effort.
Nice day on the lake.
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