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Did a shake down cruise on the DIRTY DOG 3 before putting it in the slip for the season. A fiend and I left the dock around 8:30 after we had a no show and headed south to Saugatuck. We fished 15-25 fow and finished the day going 14 for 17 with 8 coho, 2 nice browns, 2 Lakers and 2 small Kings released

Here is a list of what took fish sorry I forgot Peice of paper to take a pic of the baits, next time.

1) Red and Black Thin Fish on a hi line.

2) Gold and Org Thin Fish on a hi line.

3) Margarita Silver Streak mini on a 2 color

4) Smurfet Silver Streak mini on a1 color

5)  UV Mixed Vegi Silver Streak mini on a 3 color

6) Hot Lobster Silver Streak mini on a 3 color

Direction didn’t matter , down speed was 2.8-3.0 and water temp was 40.4.

and hears the catch not a bad 4 hr tour.





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