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Got the skunk out about 1pm with just one coho just north of the pier in 36fow on J11 jointed Rapala 55' back on outside board.

Trolled down to Palisades and back from 10-30'.

Very slow. One other boat got 1, another had 2.

Dozen or so boats put.

Nice calm day on Lac Mich.

Met new 2nd mate Tarrey from Paw Paw. Great guy. Thanks for joining us today.

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Lots of Coho hitting down around Portage. But, all were dinkers and I had to keep shaking them off.  Winner of the day was Captain John Kings Alewife SUV.  With every trip, we learn something new.  Today was one of those epiphany days.  Saw some dudes casting jigs in an area that I will not disclose.  These bad asses were catching HUGE Coho that looked every bit the size of small King's.  I'm going back to that spot soon, figure out which jigs to use, and hit that honey hole hard.  At one point, all three of those dudes had nice Coho on......by casting jigs.

Tight lines..... 

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There certainly were alot of boats out today. I thought it was the weekend. I put a few more hours on my new kicker motor and many lures in the water. Went 1 for 1 with a small coho on a orange with black wishbone thinfin, back 80 on a 3 color to chase the skunk out in 24.5 fow off Palisades at 11:10am. Lake was calm as reported with a 36.4 surface temp and 36.9 on bottom. Harbor temp was 44.

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We had to work but we managed to get a 2 person limit.  The pace picked right up after 2:00 when there was some wind and ripples on the lake.  Gold/red Chevron thin fin and a Demon scatter rap shad 55 from the board was the ticket for us!  A ways South of Palisades to a little North. Worked the inside trough back and forth.

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