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autopilot and chart plotter not talking. Is it that big of a deal?


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Hey Guys, last year my big spring upgrade was installing the Raymarine EV100 AP onto the boat. This year I am considering purchasing a Dragonfly 7 so that I can have the chart plotter and AP talk with each other. Currently I have the Lowrance Elite 7 which works just fine for me, I have no real issues with it other than some annoying little bugs.


How big of an advantage is it in your opinions/experience to be able to have the AP talk with chart plotter? I have read that the built in EV100 Patterns really are not that good for Slow trolling salmon as the turns are too sharp. I can always just point my bow in the direction of a waypoint and call it good right? That is no different than what the computer would do.


Any thoughts or comments?







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