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VRO pump question

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Was wondering if anyone has ever disabled a 1996 evinrude ocean pro 150 vro pump. The motor either uses tons of oil and runs rough or the alarm goes off depending on what mechanic adjusted  it last. I have watched several videos on how to do it and pre mix my own gas and oil. Also heard you get better idle and better fuel mileage. Any input and opinions and instruction is welcome.

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I've done it on my 1993 70 hp Johnson outboard.  When you run a 50:1 premix you need to keep in mind that it will be going through too much oil at low rpms or at idle.  If I understand correctly, the VRO will run at 100:1 when at low rpms and will ramp up to 50:1 at full throttle.  If you troll with the motor it may not be the best idea.  When I use mine it's only at or near idle when I'm cruising out to the lake, but I run a kicker once I start fishing.  Make sure to run it hard near the end of the day to clean any extra oil or carbon accumulated during idle or low rpm periods.

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