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Anyone prefer night fishing?

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Someone I spoke with on another site brought up night fishing and said there are benefits to night fishing, especially if you are looking to catch catfish. I never heard of someone preferring it before this.

Do you prefer night fishing or are you more of a the suns up, get on the boat type of guy? 

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3 minutes ago, EdB said:

Daytimes for me although I like to leave the dock and be set up in the dark in the mornings during summer for salmon trolling.

Salmons easier to catch early morning before the sun comes up then? I was doing a bit of reading many fishers recommended getting out on the water before the sun rises. I guess this depends on the fish you are after?

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They generally bite better in low light conditions, we occasionally get one in the dark setting up but the dawn and dusk times are usually great.  I've heard of guys fishing the middle of the night catching them but I've never fished then.

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I love night fishing the secret is not to leave the dock to early. I generally leave the dock around midnight and set lines around one. We also start in closer to shore if they where catching 160 fow will setup in 60 fow.  Fishing is usually pretty steady all night and best time month is during the full moon. During the fall run will sneak in  and run sand bars. There's a little more planning with lighting and safety equipment sense you maybe only boat out there until fleet shows up the morning bite.

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