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Port Sheldon, 12-2 & PSA

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Big log with rope off it floating where you turn west coming out of the launch.  2x10 stuck vertically in the sand where it opens up to the cove on the north.  Huge log apparently stuck in the channel with about 6" above the surface, which did not move between going out and coming back in.

That said, it started rough and only got more rough Saturday afternoon.  We hooked and lost a nice laker setting up with the waves at the pier, on a silver blue edge flutter delve down 8 back 50.  At the bubbler got about a 6# steel on a black silver J-11 rapala 40' off the outer bird.  Pulling lines at the piers took a 2# brown on a gold red HB thin fish.  Wind was raw and wicked.  But I've been wanting to get out for a while so I scratched the itch.  And after the beating we took, it may be a while before I get itchy again.

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It was bumpy Saturday!  I managed to go 3 for 5  on a solo trip running the shoreline from port sheldon past M45. SLOW ride back!!! Landed 2 steelhead and a 9 in salmon. Smash shad metallic rainbow long lined 65 back took two hits only landed one. Metallic silver red head herringbone mag lip 3.5 30ft back took one fish.  Mad clown mag lip 3.5 25ft took two hits.


All in all I can't complain. Getting to fish the big pond in December was nice!

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