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Holland am, 11-7

Fished front of piers for 1 hr, no takers or many marks. Lake temp was 49.9, Macatawa was 46. Moved out to 120-140 area only a few marks. Went 1/1 with only hit being an 11# steelhead on a Moonshine Bloody Nose std spoon, 250 cu line, south troll,  2.4 sog, in 132 fow at 9:12am. 50 degree temp out there was in 102 fow. Waves were 1-2 ft, but picking up. Great to be on the water. Also, 2 of the 3 ramps at launch were pulled when we got back. Village joined me today.

2017-11-07 13.30.16.jpg

2017-11-07 13.29.37.jpg

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