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Holland am, 10-26-17

Fished 40-150 fow. 1 for 2,  1st hit came (7:45am) in 50fow on blue dolphin std on DR, W troll, which we lost (?) on the retrieve. 2nd was a small but very plump king 3.24#,  in 122 fow at 10:05 am with a  300 cu and JP Slammer spoon frog glow on SE troll, surface temp 56.8.
All shallow water was in the 57.6 temp range. Lots of marks. We reach 50  degrees mark in 110 fow. Waves started out 1-2 then 2-3 and 2-4s with a brisk chop. Quit at 11am. Nice to be on the water again. Village joined me today.

2017-10-26 13.10.11.jpg

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I've done well enough in past years during the months of Oct and Nov....usually 3-5 fish in a solo outing.  Problem is finding the weather-wave conditions appropriate AND time off from work (full time).  Didn't get out at all so far in Oct. this year.  September has been traditionally the doldrums, but Oct. and Nov. can be decent fishing.

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