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Holland 8-12pm, 9-14-17

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Holland 8-12pm, 9-14-17

I thought I  would go deeper today to see if the bite might improve.  Fished 180-260, but mostly 245-260.
1/1 3.96# laketrout on flounder pounder green RV-1 on DR down 102 bk 35, se troll, 2.3 sog, ball temp 45 in 237 fow at 8:44 am. Nothing after that. Attached a few screen pics to show you what was out there. Alot of fish hanging at 50 degree mark. Ran all spoons from thermocline to 250 down. Hope the bite improves!


2017-09-14 14.23.06.jpg


2017-09-14 14.20.28.jpg



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