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Anywhere from south haven to Muskegon

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Took some friends out who had never been before, we went 2/6. 2 on a swr down 40 in 60 fow. The rest of the hits came on the 10 color, 2 were big kings we lost at the back of the boat. Trolled the 65 foot line for about 4 hours, and all my hits came within 500 yds of the south haven buoy.

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I went out of Holland last night from 4:30 - 8:30 and got no hits.  Trolled from 65 - 95 FOW down to the sliders and made one pass through the piers on the way in.  I forgot my jeans so had shorts on and was swarmed by biting flies out on the water.  Ouch!  I was the only boat out fishing that I could see.  That was eerie!!  At least it was a beautiful evening to be on the water.

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