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Holland 8/27 am Rough Day

Fished 6:30 to 11:30,  My buddy and I went 1 for 1 with an 8lb coho 100 down on DR in 118 fow.  Caught on a Blue Halo Spinnie and Hypnotist fly.  No white striped cat!

Not much radio traffic, one boat reported 3 in the box with a ~20lb king and 2 coho.  We saw one cooler full at the cleaning station, mostly small lakers with a nice king and a big fat laker, all in 120-140 fow.

We headed straight out to 100 fow and set lines in what looked like 1-3 footers... fished 100 - 140 fow and ended the day in 2-4's with a few 6 footers. 

We lost a meat rig on a 300 cu, have no idea when as we were trolling into the waves and it was hard to tell which drag sounds were from launching off the top of the waves and which were hits.  Reeled it in only to find the end of the mono leader where my knot failed (grrrr...).

Wuff, so much for the wave forecast yesterday of 0-1's!  

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Sounds like the day we had.  our one coho came in 115 fow on slider about 50 feet down.  Glad we pulled lines at 9:30 in the 3 footers.

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