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PORT SHELDON 8:30-12, 8-21-17

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I didn't think I  was going out today because of last night rain predicted for Monday. When I  woke up at 7:30 looked at the bouy cam and rain that didn't happen.  I moved as quick as I  could to finally get my three lines in the water by 8:30. 8:34 am bang 18.17# king (male) in 142 fow on rigger 132 down, with a yellow speckled dick meat rig, nw troll, ball temp 50.6.

Went 1 for 4 after that,  last hit took my NBK green paddle, green menace fly and slider when the line broke while I  was reeling him in. Ouch ($20)!

 Still great to get out.

2017-08-21 15.07.45.jpg

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