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Holland 8-20 am

Fished Sunday with my friend Lek who's from Thailand.  He is used to river fishing, but not so much big lake.  It was too bumpy for us to go on the SW troll like the pack, and we struggled to get through all the boats.  We started in 140 and ended up getting bumped in to 130 before we managed to sneak out on the NW troll.  As soon as we hit 140 again rods started firing.  We went 4/8 in the the first 30 minutes or so before the action died down.  The rest of the morning we struggled to get hits and finished the day at noon going 7/13.

We only hit fish on a NW/NNW troll direction.  Speed was 2.0 to 2.5 at the ball.

What worked?  Riggers for the most part, but we took a few hits on the divers too.

Rigger down 120 early, 150 later - 11" Double UV white paddle & Poofster Fly - HOT (4 for 6)

Rigger down 105  - Moonshine Mag Flounder Pounder RV - HOT EARLY (2-4)

Mag Diver on 1 back 205 - Netminder UV Showtime SD & Spotted Dick Meat Rig (1-1)

Slide Diver on 3 back 270 - Flee 4 All Standard Sized Fuzzy Bear - (0-2)

We put out a 400 copper, but didn't get hit.  Rotated a few spoons out on it but nothing.




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Good report and catch.

Normally I don't go out on a weekend, but they were saying a storm was possible Monday.  Boat traffic was terrible. I could barely make a turn. Got shoved out to 190-212 where I picked off a couple of small cohos (5#) and called it a day after a couple of hours.Both were on spoons off DRs as sliders. XG Ghost buster and Smurf on them, N troll, 2.6. Now I  remembered why I fish during the week.

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Nice job.  13 hits is a good day in my book.

It can be frustrating getting pushed out of the water you want to fish.  Or worse, getting stuck were you don't want to be and have a boat on your inside and outside running parallel with you.  On busy days I tend to run only 1 planer board on each side and then use divers and riggers with shorter leads.  I can be pretty maneuverable that way.  That also helps with the rookies I have driving for me while I'm setting lines.  Some days I swear they are trying to write their name with the GPS trail.

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Mega Byte: I agree.

This time of the year you get a lot of people out there that don't know what they r doing or dont care to be courteous; guy cuts in front of me yesterday; 3 or 4 times I have to tell people there's a copper n lead core line attached to my boards so please give me room so you don't cut us off. Duh, they probably don't know what that is.

Some people out there have no clue!

Thats's why I tell my mates when they r driving to stay clear because they won't.


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I'm happy with the 13 hits.  The bite was definitely slower for us than the day before, but was still pretty darn good.

I avoided putting out the copper until a couple hours after we started fishing.  I lost a 400 copper last year to someone who barrelled across my lines on a west troll - when the pack was all North-South and then yelled at me on the radio to "learn how to drive" because we made him reset his rigger & diver...

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