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Holland 8-19 am

Fished with Kid Coulson  and Andy today.  Thanks Andy ( @firstin ) for visiting the mitten state from Wisconsin.  We had a good time today!

We set lines at 6:30 in 140 fow working out on a SW.  Fish started hitting when we got to 150 fow so we turned SSW and kept getting fish until 170 fow.  Then the action died  so we worked out and switched to a WNW troll and started getting fish again past 190 out to 210 where we quit. Speed at the ball 2.0-2.5.

Story of the day was our biggest coho wrapped himself up in the leader line with my blue dolphin and broke off about 40 ft back.  We did a tight (as possible) turn and went back up my GPS track & found him and scooped him up!

Finished 11/13 with 4 kings, 4 coho, 2 steelies, and a lake trout.

What worked:

2-3 Rigger down 120 - 11 inch white paddle & poofster fly

1-1 Rigger down 95 - Moonshine Mag Yellow Flounder

2-2 400 Copper - Mag silver streak Blue Dolphin

1-1 400 Copper - Moonshine RV Mag Blue Flounder

1-2 Slide Diver on 3 back 250 - Fuzzy Bear Flee 4 All

2-2 Mag Diver on 1 back 225 & 300 - Netminders UV Showtime SD and BW Spotted Dick meat rig

1-1 Mag Diver on 1 back 180 - White Glow & Green Spots SD and glow fly

1-1 Mag Diver on 1 back 205 - UV Green Bikini Bottom SD & Green Fly

Going again tomorrow.  Good luck guys!



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Another great time as usual !  Let me just say turning the whole rig/spread  around and finding ANYTHING never works!!!;) I personally have never seen a spoon so mangled. Look like a corkscrew! Andy is a super cool dude, fun to meet and fish with him.

We topped off the night by JD getting his ear drums blown out by the sprint cars at Berlin raceway. What?

Good times for sure! Sorry I didn't make the fishin' mission' this morning but I was gassed. Good luck fellas! -kid


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Nice report we fished sat Am setup 160 made it out to 180 picked up are first fish headed south went landed 4 most day spent checking hooks and setting downrigers. The 300 went off 4 times with no fish to show. The white spindoctor no seam fly took 4 or 5 hits with only one King. The bloody nose on a slider picked up a coho and stealhead. 225 dipsy glow frog spin doctor green fly went once 17 pound King

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