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TEAM KICK'R Winthrop Harbor, IL 8/13

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We fished 120-160fow trying for kings all morning without a bite. We decided to motor out to 280fow and fish to 300fow. Things started slow for us, but once we got the depth dialed in the fish started hitting the deck! Our best water depth was 290-300fow on a south troll with baits down 95-110ft. We landed 2 coho and a trout and missed the same amount all within about an hour before we had to pull lines. Our Michigan Stinger spoons did most of the damage on our riggers. It was a perfect day to be on the water even with a slow morning of fishing!e31dc17ac83dce5990da226fe30a4189.jpgfaa10966dc0772685e5702909ec81c02.jpg21f139c23fbddd911bf75a9ec792808c.jpg00a19cd5c4184fac00c063696a8c7340.jpg193f2788d88000d2470ca4a247ca5b81.jpg



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