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Grand Haven 8/14 PM

Busting down the channel in front of the Power Plant at a pretty good clip (7.5 SOG)  Slowed considerably when Johnny Law (Ottawa County) showed up in front of the fountains.  

I was fortunate there was a larger craft in front of me going the same speed and the boys went over and put the arm on him....and slapped him with the $125 fine.  Monday night in G.H. sheriff usually not around, but must have been a slow weekend hammering the Jet skis and go fast boats.   That was the end of my good fortune. 

Mass of boats out in 130 to 160 FOW started in 140 headed to 175  Threw SD Flies, Spoons, Plugs on DR and Dipseys.  Bunch of Depths, speeds, headings - fished till dark Nada not even a release.   

Marked a ton of bait balls and fish of some kind (for whatever that is worth) According to the radio sounded like the guys doing the best were north towards Muskegon.  Was a beautiful night to be out there.  

2nd Skunk in a row.  Might try Muskegon next trip.

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Sheriff in Port Sheldon on the way out last night but not on the way in.  Should have been.  Lots of idiots going 8-10 mph throwing up huge wakes to get to the launch two minutes faster.  They should just punch it up, plane out, and save us the trouble of surfing their huge wake.  The ticket's the same.


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