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Grand Haven 8-8 AM

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Fished all morning and caught 2 nice kings 14 & 17 pounds.
14 lbs on a dispey moonshine v back 180 back in 155 FOW, NW troll
17 lbs on a 300 copper, flounder pounder in 180 FOW, SE troll
Missed a couple of lakers late in the morning trolling back in 155 FOW. On a mixed veggies meat rig 135 down on rigger.
A couple of other hits that didn't hook up. Nice morning with more roll on the lake than forecasted.

Did you see the 41 pound king caught out of Muskegon this morning? WOW!
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Glad you hooked into a couple. I went out of GH last night and got my 1st skunk of the year! 

Most boasts were messing about in 130 FOW 

Had my son and 78 year father with me.  The forecast was for waves less than 1  actual was 1 to 2 


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