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South Haven, 7-31 & 8-01

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South Haven, 7-31 & 8-01

Fished the last two morning SOLO again.

Monday netted a 7# Steel on a DR down 55’ in 112fow on an old mag. Yellowtail.

Two hrs. later netted a 15# Laker on a 250x32# CU in 120fow on a Mx Veggie.

Tuesday the first fish was a 22.2(plus #) KING at 0645hrs on my 250x32# CU w/ a Mx Veggie. My digital scale errors out at 22#.  Reset the CU and went forward to weigh the King and noticed my GPS was off line.  Tired rebooting it 3 times but nothing.  And the Old 20th century tech to the rescue.  My OLD Garmin GPS can run off 4-AA’s in a pinch so I pulled the batts. out of my lure flasher and I was back in business.  While doing this a DR had tripped and the fish was gone and the dog-gone DR won’t come up even after hitting the re-set switch.  The second DR is also dead.  I had a “Mooch” moment.  And then my little trip went totally el-crappo,  Fishfinder and sump pump off-line and my 80hp Merc won’t turn over.  Everything is on two different batteries and circuits, complete electrical melt down.   Pointed Eleanor toward my waypoint and headed in from 130fow at 0730hrs.  Cleared the DR lines and deployed 2 assorted CU rigs and hand reeled up those 10# fishie weights.  At 0800hrs a little 6# Laker tagged a mag Smurf behind a 250x45# CU.  At least the troll in wasn’t a total washout but it did take forever!!!!  I guess I’ve got my work cut out for me tomorrow because I’ve had too many Bud’s already today.  BTW, the inside measurement on my fish cooler is 37 inches and I'm 6'2".



8-01-17 - Copy.JPG

8-01-2017 - Copy.JPG

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