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pt.austin 7-29

Met my Buddy at dock in port Austin Saturday at 5am and headed out to 30 fow by the lighthouse. Had lines set and catching fish at 545. We trolled harnesses on the bottom to start with boxing 11 very nice walleye the first of which was a 28 inch pig. The action went from hot to very slow around 7am as the Sun came up which is common so we made a short run to 45 to 60 fow where we switched from crawlers to standard sized spoons leadcorre and copper. We ran 6 and 7 colors of lead and 100 to 150 of copper at 2.3 to 2.8 mph it didn't take long to finish off our 24 fish limit of all walleyes 21 to 28 inches. We had no undersized walleye and no trash fish. The larger walleye were puking up smelt in the boat along with golbies.Harnesses that worked well were firetiger and antifreeze. The spoons that worked the best we're blueberry muffin, mixed veggies, and Orange crystal best depth was 52 to 62 fow once the Sun came up. We were back to dock at 930 just as the northeast wind started to kick up.

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