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Grand Haven 7/22 am

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Fished solo again out of Grand Haven as the wife was off on a girls weekend.Headed NW starting in 120 FOW and found kings in 130 to 140 FOW.
#1. 10.5 # king on a white paddle and blue fly down 82 (fish hawk depth)
Swung around to SE and #2 a 20 # king hit a large wonderbread spoon on a 300 Copper.
Circled back to the NW and landed a 5# lake trout on a white/blue magnum spoon 90 down. Headed back SE and landed fish # 4, a 20# king on the same paddle/fly as the first king, 88 down.
Decided to head in as the cooler was getting full And I was getting tired!IMG_0354.thumb.jpg.32402699a65e6b1c02be8e1b3e695f83.jpgIMG_2971.thumb.jpg.2b89171bf9233e86afb96840a40ab9d1.jpg

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