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7-21 am - Port Sheldon

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7-21 am - Port Sheldon

The the King Possible out of Port Sheldon this morning with my dad and a friend of ours.  Got out on the water and set lines at 6:30 and fished until 10 am.  Ended up 3-8: 1 steelhead (7 lbs), 1 king (25+ lbs), and 1 coho (10 lbs).  I said 25+ for the king because I don't trust my scale, but he was 38-inches long.

We fished the from 6:30 to 8:00 am in 100-140 fow going 2 for 3, and then worked out and finished up in 160-170 fow picking up 5 more bites and pulling in a big coho.  The fish liked it a little fast this morning and we mainly fished S/SW at 3.0-3.6 at the ball.

What worked:

2-2 Steelie/Coho - 300 Copper with a Moonshine Mongolian Beef Spoon

1-1 King - Downrigger at 91 ft with an 11" white UV paddle and BW poofster fly.

0-3 - Wire Mag Dipsy on 2 back 135-145 feet with a 10" Kevin's Girlfriend SD & JJ's Boyfriend Meat Rig

0-1 - Wire Size 1 Dipsy on 2 back 155 feet with a 10" Netminders UV Showtime & BW Spotted Dick Meat Rig

0-1 - 300 Copper with a Glow Back Mag Silver Streak Blue Dolphin




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