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Holland 7/19 AM

Barely any marks and no big kings out of Holland today. Set up in 90 fow on SW troll and basicly fished out front of the channel and a little north and south today.  Same area as Saturday but fishing not nearly as good.  Managed to find a 3 degree temperature break between 150 and 160 fow and took 3 steelhead going back and forth over it.  After losing two and 2 more passes with no hits, the break was gone.  Headed west and found another break of 3 degrees again in 180 fow and managed to take 2 small kings and a small laker.  Went back through the same area and the break was gone again.  Trolled back in to 140 and found the break again, but couldn't get anything to go.  Fished 120-140 the rest of the morning with no more hits.

150 copper with Red Jeans, rigger down 60 with Moonshine glow/chrome with blue ladderback, and mixed veggies on slider off rigger 65 down each took a steelhead.

Laker came on 180 copper with chrome/glow/green dots spindoctor with Northern Lights fly.

Kings came on dipsey 150 back with UV crush spindoctor and Last Brunch fly, as well as Proctologist on Metallic Green/white/glow spindoctor on rigger 109 down.

Misses were on the Last Brunch dipsey, and Green/Chrome Spindoctor with green mylar fly

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2 hours ago, Taddpole said:

Newer fisherman here. When you talk about the three degree break, how deep are you talking? Are you saying at 160fow, you went down 60ft and there was a 3 degree break between 50ft and 60ft. Sorry, still learning this. Thanks

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As I was trolling from 150 fow to 160 fow, the reading on my temp probe went from 50 deg to 53 deg.  My probe did not change depth. It was a horizontal break not a vertical one.

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