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TEAM KICK'R Ludington, MI 7/14-15

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We fished the Ludington Offshore Classic Tournament in Ludington, MI for the first time ever! We prefished Friday and had a hard time finding the big ones. After we struggled prefishing on Friday we were unsure what the tournament day was going to bring. We struggled to keep the fish hooked up in the morning causing us to go 0-3 early then the bite died. We started to lose hope when all of a sudden the wire slide diver goes off with a decent sized king! While fighting that fish the 300 copper goes off with a big king and breaks the line, but we ended up landing a 12lb king from the diver and for the next 45 minutes fishing was incredible. We had a another double and ended up taking a 20.75lb king and a 15lb king along with 5 other fish all in less than an hour then the bite died and we never had another bite the rest of the day. It definitely proved once again that things can change so fast on the big lakes good or bad. We weighed in our catch and it was good enough to put us in 12th place out of 49 boats. We had planned on improving on day 2 but unfortunately it was cancelled due to high winds and waves. We fished mainly 100-150fow on the bank near big point. Most of our bites came from 35-75ft down with Michigan Stinger spoons taking our 2 biggest kings in the patterns UV mixed veggie and UV blue dolphin. We had a great time in Ludington and will definitely be back!




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That's sweet! a buddy of mine and I missed our first 5 bites out of Holland on Saturday but rallied and landed 7 out of 15 for a winning box of kings in the West michigan fishing league event.. It was a very emotional day...lots if ups and downs!

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Great job!

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