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SoHa 7/3

Got skunked.

0-2, had small fish on slider in 119' on way out.

worked 110-200 fow; very few marks. 

On way in 107' SB rigger got hit n ripped slider n main right off mono!

Beautiful day on the lake!

Talked tp a few other boats n they had no hits.

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Yes, they were the only ones cleaning fish at city launch fish cleaning station.

Not sure where they fished but there were some boats in close south of piers by rock pile (mile south n about mile out).

Good luck!

Coming in, the river was a zoo yesterday!

Boaters were fine; a lot of the dinghy people cared more about drinking and talking to friends then piloting their boats. If I didn't say anything to guy behind me 3 or 4 times He would have been  into my transom!

Needed to get out, n have to put up with weekend/holiday crowds. But, didn't have to wait for dock at launch at 2.


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Boat ran great. Never stalled n ran fantastic at high soeed. Had had some high speed missing for past few years, too.

Vaporizer kit (2fuel pumps n vaporizer), new hose from tank to fuel/wtr filter n new spark plugs.

Due to pretty good chop coming in, couldn't open it all the way up but it ran great.

And, to make sure I don't run into ethanol problems in the future will run rec fuel or marine fuel! 

Rec fuel 90 is $3.78 her in Jackson n at 4 Seasons Marina in SoHa with steelheaders 20 cents discount can get it for $4.05.

SHYC across river (no discount) is $4.27.


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Great reports from all you good fisherman.  Thanks for posting.

Cappy Dan: Had a chance to fish today (7-3) outta some elses boat on the West side outta Winthrop harbor, IL. Coho continue to get bigger and bigger and compromise most of our  catch today. Most of the Coho at the fish cleaning stations are over 70 CM with extremely deep bellies. Few Chinook and Lakers being caught right now on the West side.  Capt. John's stuff continues to  work well, especially off my Cu/Pb rods. The 200 Pb is a real stud set up most days.   did not post my adventure today as I am too pooped to spend the time and have other duties.  Will be going out again next week (of July 10) and will post a full report then.

Soooooooo glad to hear about your boat.  Hope that good fortune continues.

tight lines! 

the Greek

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SH1, Yep, get it there when I keep my boat in SoHa thanks.

Dimitri: Will be at SoHa Lake House 7/7-7 14 but planning Lac Erie walleye trip either 7/17 or one of days between 19-21.cHave dr appt 18.

You interested and available. You would stay at my house night before n day of trip. Don't want u driving home dead tired.

Send me a text tob let me know.

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