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Holland 6/30 6-9am

Just had a couple of hours this morning for a quick trip. Didn't find cold water till we got to 110 FOW. Was 50 degrees 90 ft down, 67 degrees on the surface. 2/2 one big Laker on a 3 color SWR down 85 with a std size hey babe. 12lb king on wire diver meat rig out 170 on a #1 setting. No other hits. Was a little choppy but not bad with the SW wind.


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Good job on the fish.  

With all the wind lately, I'm itching to get out this weekend.

And, I think I need the name of your photographer as he (or she) made that 12# King look like a 20 pounder.  At least to me, it looks bigger than 12 pounds in the picture.

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