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6/21/17, My Wife made me go……………………………

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fishing out of South Haven yesterday morning.  So with great reluctance I grabbed Eleanor and went for a short drive to the launch, 13 miles.  Powered to 80fow, pointed her W/NW, deployed DR. w/slider, 250X30 CU and a 250x45 CU., nothing but spoons.  After a long boat ride at 160fow, the 250x30 Cu dragging a Mx. Veggie, rewarded my patience with a nice little 5# steelie.  At 180fow. I pulled a U-Turn and headed in at a roaring 2.5sog.  At 130fow that 250x30 burps and nothing, then it burps again, still nothing. I waited a couple of minutes and reeled it in to check the spoon for line rap after two Hit-n-Spits and I was glad I did.  Redeployed and went back to killing flies.  At 126fow that same Cu burps again and then the board got turned in to a bobber as the drag screamed.  After 20 min. of long runs and bobbering the board several times and numerous head shakes, I boated the feistiest 9# steelie I’ve ever caught, I would have sworn it was a King, it never jumped and stayed deep. My next trip out I have to remember my Colombia fishing shirt and the bug spray, and yes, the water fleas were a problem on the DR lines.




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