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Holland 6/21 AM

Slow day out on the lake today, but just when all hope seemed to be lost we had a mini-flurry of steelhead to finish 3 for 3.

Started in 80 fow with decent marks but couldn't get anything to go so started heading deeper.  Eventually made it out to 180, occasional mark there but no takers so came back in. Finally the steelhead turned on about 9:30 and had 3 in the boat by 10:30.  Fished another hour with nothing so called it quits.

Trolling speed was 2.5 - 2.7 at the ball and fish came on north-south troll in 110-115 fow.

2 came on 150 copper with Moonshine Rickety Ranger and one on 225 copper with Moonshine Blue Shorts.

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Dr. Hook

I, too started out in 80 FOW that morning and couldn't get anything to go. Same story - marking a lot of fish but couldn't trip their trigger. Worked out deeper and saw nice marks between 110-135, but was going 3.0 SOG and they weren't having it. I heard your report on the radio that you picked up Chrome at 2.5-2.7 in 112 and I backed down the speed and started working N/S because of the onshore current. Immediately, I had 2 rips on a caramel dolphin  slider on a rigger that was 80 foot down. I threw down anything else that I had close to that color on 150 coppers flanking my boat and was able to boat a 6# and 8# steelie within 30 minutes of each other. Needless to say your report that day helped me out a lot. Thanks! I would have thanked you on the water, but my antennae has a very weak broadcast range.

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