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More Milwaukee HO'S

Got to the launch @ 4:30, for once the forecast was spot on SSW 16 TO 20mph.waited around till 7am wind laid down decided to give it a shot. headed out to 125'  to set up,3' swells when we got there so we started to set lines .pp dispys @ 55'&70' mono's @ 20' &30'. the 55 went off as I was setting the 70 (got it) by 9am  we had 6 in the box missing 3 more,with only 4rods in the water. trolled out to 175' shouldn't have.  the best action was between 125'-140' .did pick up 3more on way back to 135' also missed 2 . once we got to 135' action was HOT. mono dd @ 20'  went off, hooked nx 6 fish  only landed 3. brought all my gear up:pp's @ 30'&40' mono's 15'&20' hooked 5 landed 2. called it a day as trolling motor was out of juice.14 of 25.so landing ratio sucked, I think because it was bumpy, I say that because they seem to come unbutton well away from the boat.   white/pearl (1 1/2") flies(home made) were the hot ticket .I shorten the leader 18" on some chin flies:1red/gold,1pearl,an they took fish as well. same fish we were catching a week ago(3-5lbs) are now 5-7lbs beauty's.  i did try some spoons but zero action. get out an enjoy this gr8 fishing. safety to all

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