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TEAM KICK'R Winthrop Harbor, IL 6/3-4

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TEAM KICK'R Winthrop Harbor, IL 6/3-4

We made the trip up to Northpoint Marina after hearing of great coho action. That was no lie the coho where on fire. We headed up Friday afternoon after work we set lines at 5:30pm and pulled at 8:30pm and ended up with 8 coho and 1 laker and a ton of lost fish. On Saturday morning we had a 3 man crew and ended up going 14 for about 18 with 13 coho and a nice 17lb lake trout on a Big Weenie blue balls meat rig on a wire slide diver back 170 on counter. We took fish on usual spring coho set ups. Musselhead Tackle naked blue flash meat rig on a 8 color was hot in the late morning and a Michigan Stinger jagerbomb on a 200 was good Friday. We fished anywhere from 60-140 fow and caught fish mainly in the top 50ft. We had some good fishing even though our trip got cut short due to me catching the flu bug. 88544d729589a5299f3b9b8412356a3e.jpg33977ff8b664b9b2290b7d41fde80526.jpgb0f6d3fe47bf50c551c88b359a9a8d33.jpg881fea822d37074cc0937bc0c13d643f.jpg97842efd7e9229aba2f04c2b6ff39c61.jpgc7c388c9b7496579dad60d5ceb1758da.jpg

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