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Holland 6-3-17 N II Deep

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Holland 6-3-17 N II Deep

Did a late morning trip to play with our new homemade autopilot.


Fished north between Tunnel Park to PS,  55 to 75 FOW

Ended up 6 for 7, pulling lines by 11:30

Wire divers went 2 times  8" mix veggie Spin Doc with pickle sunshine fly  out 120-ish

150 Copper went twice  Green spoon with orange ladder,  blue spoon with orange ladder

Riggers down 40  went 3 times mix veggie std size.


the prototype autopilot worked great  I attached a video where you can see the touch screen behind the wheel that controls the hyd system that holds the course.


we want to do a few more software updates to the program logic before we do the final install.



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