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Grand Haven 6-2 thru 6-4

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Grand Haven 6-2 thru 6-4

Had the pleasure to be part of the Bigger Bi$$s this weekend for the Grand Haven Offshore Challenge  and we did fairly well for our standards. We prefished Friday and started infront of port Sheldon about 6am in 100 ft. On a NW troll and finished a little north of Grand Haven in 280ft around 1pm. The catch that day was 14-17 with 3 coho, 7 kings ranging from 2-14 lbs and 3 lakers from 13-17. Lbs and 1steelhead close to 13 lbs. 

Saturday we took off from the piers at 6am and ran south to port Sheldon and set up in 80ft and did a NW troll out to 120 picking up a couple small kings by 8 ,so we decide to run back to grand haven and spend the day grinding out the big trout , and had  3 in the box by 10 am when the tournament was cut short do to a storm coming across the lake , we ended up weight 5 fish with 2small  kings and 3 big trout in the 8- 16 lbs range.

sunday we figured there was now way they would cancel so we wan out to 190 and set a spread from top to bottom , and ended the day 9-12 with 3 salmon and 6 trout 

Witch  was enough to put us in  9th place and 2nd in the 333 

we never changed much of you spread all weekend , what work is as follows.

1) UV Yager Bomb on a 7color

2) Sponge Bob on as a slide in a rigger at 55

3) UV Blue Dolphin on a 200 copper

4) Blue Hulk on a rigger at 65

5) Dream catcher spin dr blue spin and glow on a 600 copper with 2 6oz dive bombs

6) Uv Mountain Dew Spin Dr with a chrome yellow spin and glow in a low diver back 670'

7) Closer spin dr with a blue spin n glow back 600 on a low diver.

And hear are a few pics of the nicer fish.






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