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milwaukee HO'S

WOW  this place is TIRE FIRE hot!!!  If you are into salmon fishing stop whatever your doing grab ur gear, some friends/kids/guy fishing breakwall  go to 120 fow set gear troll to180 fow . some zig-zag,or bumps in speed seem to trigger 'em.flat lines to 5color all took fish .we tried copper(150,200) 7color no fish.  riggers 40 fow 70 fow were good ,wdispys fair,mono dispy we couldn't keep in the water. peanuts on dispys,flats,leadcore.king flies on riggers. color pearl,white,martini,blue/blacks. don't know exact # on sets because CAPT. NATHAN KAMINSKI did everything for us. This guy is dialed in if ur boats down (me) or ur new to fishing he can help you out.  be safe

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