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Holland 5-27 & 5-28

Had a pretty good weekend of fishing , fished the WMFL Saturday. We set up in 90' and went on a SW troll out to 140, with a steady pick most of the morning till about 10am when we fell in a dead slump, decide to head out a little more and found  a pocket of nice kings in 160 , we finished the morning 10 for 14 with 6 kings and 4 coho ranging from 2-13lbs. And landing us in 3rd place for the day.

Sunday I left the dock and headed to the same general area around 6 am with the same similar results ,but smaller in size, we fished from tunnel park to castle park in 120-140 and finished the morning around 11:30 and going 12-16 with with 7 kings and 5 coho from 3-8lbs. 

I ran the same spread all weekend and this is what took fish

Glow Back Green Dolphin silver streak on a rigger down 75

Silver Streak Sponge Bob as a slide set at 65, this was by far the best!

Silver Streak Yellow gator as a slider set at 55

Lemon Berry on a 250 copper

Miami Dolphin on a 300 copper 

Mixed Veggies spin Dr with a yellow brad marage on a high diver back 160 

Chrome Frog Spin Dr and pickled sunshine fly on a high diver back 20O 

Direction did not seem to mater but speed did, the most productive speed was 2.9-3.2 on the fish Hawk .

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Glad you stayed on 'em Terry!  Chris and I were out there following you around somewhere on Saturday.  First trip for his old riggers on my boat, and we had some success in 90-200 FOW.  Didn't blow any fuses, boxed some fish, and enjoyed the calm day.  Green seemed to be the hot color, but I think we left the moonshines on too long.


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2 hours ago, KICK'R said:

Nice work this weekend see you in August for the BRC!

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk

Thanks guys and it was great talking to you at the marina. You guys were slipped next to me.

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