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milwaukee coho

sat 5/27/17 : started in 130fow headed east. first fish 5min after we got set up. rigger 30'down (hot rod caught 5)2" lbb .next to go off were two outside boards(same time) spoons, green/pink, orange/white standard size. stayed busy  for the next hour an half, got our 10 call it a day. fish were between 140fow &160fow. the program was boards n spoons, riggers w/ff. everything caught fish but that rigger was HOT.10 OF11 on the coho all 3to5lbs. stomach contents 3-7"alewifes. going to try some larger spoons nx time. great day to be out, even better to go home w/ a limit. really have to love this time of year.     safety to all.  TAIMEN

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