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Holland 5/13-5/21

Fish has been exceptionally good the past few weeks. Probably some of the best spring fishing we have seen in years. There has been a mix of coho and kings being caught everywhere from the pier heads out to 200 foot. Our typical troll has been set in 90 FOW and ride a south west to 190 FOW. The larger mix of kings seemed to be in 110-150 while smaller kings and coho were outside of that. Sunday morning, we opted to fish the piers as there was a storm coming and we weren't sure what the storm was going to do. Going 3/4 our first pass, we ended up staying in there the whole day taking 25 fish. I do think that the pier head fishing is done or at its near end as the water continues to warm. Fish were still being caught in the GH piers as of this morning though and the pier head fishery will stay longer in a larger river than it will down here. I will list our set ups below. 

Pier head set up:

Flatlines: Bay Rat short shallows with coho crusher and red hot

1 colors: Silver streak mini mixed veggie and mini gold jager bomb

2 colors: Silver streak regular sized orange crush and jager bomb

3 colors: Silver streak silver orange chilly willy and gold orange chilly willy

4 colors: Silver streak gold jagerbomb and spotted veggie

Riggers and divers: Same assortment of spoons as listed above, all standards or mags


90-190 FOW:

Lead segments, Morgan's Copper, pulled behind Church boards

1 colors: Bay rat coho crusher and red hot short shallows

3 color: Super slim gold magic man or silver magic man

4 color: Silver streak Orange crush standard

5 color: Silver streak orange chilly willy standard

75 copper: Silver streak skittles standard

150: Silver streak SOG from or standard Stinger coyote

200: Silver streak U of M frog standard

250: Silver streak LT. Green diva mag or modified blue dolphin Mag

300: Silver streak rainbow alewife mag or metallic green frog mag


Outdowns have been between 45 and 60 with standard Silver streak mixed veggies or jager bombs. We have been running free sliders on the outdowns as the coho seem to love them, super slim hello darlin, orange crush or a uv stinger veggie have been on the free sliders. 

Chute: Between 70-90 down with Big Weenie Brand meat rigs, UV spotted dick, thruster buster or pole dancer.

High divers: Rotators or standard spoons 135-190 back, Mountain dew spinnie with Big weenie Catch a Bunch Mirage or Silver Streak standard uv veggie

Low Divers: 90-150 back Small white paddles (fishscale or slick) with Big Weenie frosted Luke or Catch a Bunch Mirage. or BW meat rigs, same as listed above.


As always, if you want a more up to date fishing report, just text or call me at 616-403-8370

Good luck out there,

Capt. Nick











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