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Holland 5/21 12-3 pm

Quick shakedown trip with my buddy Ken, 1 for 3 and a 15 in. King we released safely.

We hadn't seen any reports from the morning following the storms and east winds so we put lines down in 80 fow south of piers, half way to Saugatuck.

North troll, 2.3-2.5 SOG.   Winds were SSW and got choppier as the afternoon went on.

Our one fish in the box came 15 min's after first rods went down, 10 lb. King on 225 copper with Mag Blue Dolphin.

Thought we were on for a decent day as we were marking a few decent fish.  Nothing for the next 1-1/2 hours so we circled back south to our 1st fish spot and hit a screamer steelhead on a rigger free slider with mag blue flounder.  Ball was 50 foot down, 2.5 SOG and 49F.  We got it to within 10 ft. from the boat and it surfaced, zig zagged behind the boat twice and then  danced on top of the water 30 feet sideways, right into our dipsy line.  Bang, gone!  

10 minutes later our chute flat line with a 4oz. dive bomb and plain regular sized silver spoon (left over from the 80's) went off screaming, set the hook and held on for about 30 seconds and lost it.  Damn!

Ended our day on a rush, the boat ran great and skunk out of the box... so can't say we had a bad shakedown!



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Great day out on the water and a great report. Thanks for posting. Regarding the break off's: "Better to have loved and lost then not to have loved at all".

I wish you tight lines on your next trip too.

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