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Muskegon 5/9 am

Fished the mud this morning with Doug on the Floating Holiday. Went 11-14 All kings. (11th fish came pulling lines and was released) Fished the pier heads out to 60fow. Best bait was a uv stinger jordo on a 6 color. Rigger down 45  with a yellow flounder pounder rv, stinger uv mixedveggies on a rigger down 40, stinger uv mixed veggies on a 200cu, stinger uv yager bomb on a 125cu20170509_094808.thumb.jpg.e28c2ed43b8ff5c75fc2fe9308729978.jpg20170509_064941.thumb.jpg.17f4fa756a40f99b11116a7d21b5ef9f.jpg20170509_114135.thumb.jpg.4357b13cf7cf21df39992ee27b3d36ef.jpg all took fish.

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