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Michigan City 5/3/17

Boat has been in since 4/2, but had some more mechanical issues.  Went out a few times for troubleshooting / testing, but not fishing. 

Managed to cut out of work a couple of hours early yesterday to get some lines wet for a couple of hours.  Got to the harbor mouth at about 4:30 PM.  Wind had picked up and the wave period got pretty short, so we were getting banged around pretty good even though it was only 2's.  Had a few marks just to the north of the lighthouse in 40 to 50ft of water, but no takers.  Decided to turn out of the waves for a more comfortable ride and dropped the trolling bags in to keep speed down.  A few more marks, but no takers.  Once we got to the south light there was pretty much no marks.  Trolled to Baldy in about 40ft or so and turned around to head back in.  Pulled lines at about 6:45 as we entered the break wall.

Long story short, we got skunked.  Still a good trip to test out the boat though, so I'll take that.  Spoke with a guy who pulled in right as we were about to head out.  He had a few fish, but said they were fishing 15 miles out.  Definitely did not have time for that run and less than ideal conditions, so we tried our luck in shallow.

Temp at the probe was pretty consistent with the surface temp.  I think the lowest we saw was 48 on the bottom throughout our trip, 49 - 50 was the average. Surface temp was 50. 

Looks like the lake is going to be pretty torn up until Monday.  Not sure what they plan to do for the Coho Classic this weekend, but if the NOAA forecast is accurate, I would think it would be cancelled...

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