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WMFL sign up for May 13

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WMFL sign up for May 13

This is the sign up thread for the may 13 event and After a few  private messages from some new people , and the first event only 2 weeks away I thought I would bring the new rules up. Also Silver Streak will be the sponsor for this event.


• Shot gun at 6 am , all boats need to be with in 1/4 mile of the pier heads and pull lines at Noon




. There will be a 5:50 am roll call from the peir heads , if you do not respond your name will be removed from the event for this day. If you plan on being late , please call my cell phone.


.• Weight in 1pm at the fish cleaning station


• We will fish predicted seas of 1-3' or less. (or game day call)


.In the event that the event is cut short due to weather the weigh in will be held 45 min after the cancellation and points will be awarded.


• If small craft advisories are in effect we will not fish.


• I would like to encourage reports posted from teams after the events.


Communications encouraged on channel 72. Keep it clean for this is a family oriented event.:thumb:


1. Max of 9 rods in the water at one time.


2. Tourney Fees. 25 dollars for tourney, plus 5 dollars for big fish.


3. Tourney Pay Outs will be based on 20 boats or less


a. 1st place 50%


b. 2nd Place 30%


c. 3rd Place 20%


i. 20+ boats = pay down 4 boats 40%,25%,20%, 15%


d. Tie breaker will be biggest fish.


e. Big fish is winner takes all of big fish money.


4. Weigh your best 5 fish with 10 points per fish.


5. Max of 3 person limit per boat may be kept.


6. Money is due at weigh-in. Gentleman's honor to pay. Please pay if you are signed up. If you are having issues please contact me, so that I know not to look for you at the scale.


7. All teams must start from the port of Holland.


8. If two members are fishing together, than the boat they are fishing out of gets the point.


9. Follow all other State and Federal Laws. The captain is responsible for his crew. Keep it safe.


10. Blow date will be the following day.


11. No charter Capt. and or current first mates.


12. All Capt. must PM me a cell phone number for safety reasons.


You do NOT need to fish all events to partake in this league.


As in years past ,there will be a trophy awarded to the "Points Champion" at the end of the season . 

The season Points champion will be the team with the best 3 scores for the season.

So hear are the teams in as on now.


Offshore Pursuit

Screaming Seaman

Knot A Clue

Fearless Leader

Reel Business

Joel Sanders 

Wild At Heart

Reel Property 

Dr. Hook

Mo Fish

Jim Bobber

Bigger Bills

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This is the Saturday of Tulip Time.  Should not affect getting to the tournament, but you may want to plan a route home that does not involve crossing Holland via down town or even US31.

I've got at least one kid in the parade so I'm not sure I can make it to this.

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Thanks for the heads up Kevin , the Coast Guard and the Ottawa Co. sheriff marine partrol will also be there giving free boat inspections, I believe this will be in the back of the over flow parking lot.

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Ok guys , less than a week away and we only have 6 teams in for sure ,, it would be great to get it up to 15plus , our sponsor this week is the great folks from Silver Streak ,and they have sent some great products to hand out.

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