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Port Sheldon 4/22 9:00-11:00 am

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5 for 6 150-170 fow. Everything was working. Got a hit on everything we put out. 2 on a 7c with UM froggie streak(Go Blue!). 1 on a rigger 76 down with a blue chilly. 1 on a 5c with red hot uv stinger. 1 on other rigger 87 down with white uv paddle and pickled sunshine fly. One rip on a mag Dipsy 137 back with a green slushie stingray. Lost him. 2.2-2.9 sog. North -south troll. My 11yr. old daughter went with today. She got sea sick but wanted to stay out for a while. Did great proud of her!



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Fished 9:30 to noon in Port Sheldon.  Hit 120-170.  Caught a coho on an orange dodger peanut fly out 50 on a wire diver setting lines.  Only hit.  Thin fish, spoons, flasher flies from two color to 125' down and not another sniff.

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