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Back in black, edge hammered silver

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Back in black, edge hammered silver

Met Syonker at his old stomping grounds before he moved inland, and gave it a try this morning.  Plume was colder than the lake so that didn't work.  Then we found a log or wreck that cost him all three spoons on his side.  Then we missed the first hit.  Finally cracked the nut, silver black edge flutterdevle on a one color out deeper where there was chop instead of in close.  Those took seven hits, the same in mongoose took the first, shad raps took two, and a Jr streak in perch took a coho.  Ended up with eight browns and a coho, of course the two browns we let go at the end were the biggest.

How powerful was the flutterdevle today?  I pulled one of my rods and put one out just messing around as we had a limit of browns hoping for something else, and mine got hit in five minutes.

Great trip, great company, great snacks.  That's why we do this.

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Order direct from Eppinger, hammered silver Jr flutter devles.  Then put a 1/8" stripe down the edge with black sharpie.  This doesn't hold up well, so it will tell you if you're dragging bottom.  Then bend them into a lazy s shape if not so applied at the company.  I've had them come bent and come flat.

I add a sticker eye to the front, my friend, the only other guy I know who runs them, switches out the hook for a small siwash.

The mongoose, and sparkly blue tape versons from the factory have their days too.

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Below are my Jr. Flutter Devle go-to colors.

From left to right: Flo O-425, SFloGrC-360, S-355, S-22, SBI-359, SGR-356.

The 3rd & 4th spoons (black edged & orange crush edged) are self-created color combos.

For slow trolling bend the spoon into a more pronounce "S" shape, for faster trolling flatten the spoon out.

04-19-15 Jr Flutter Devle Favorites #1.JPG

Jr. Flutter Devle Catalog 2.0.jpg

Flutter Devle Jr. Bend.jpg

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