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Holland 4-12 coho and cleaning station update

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Holland 4-12 coho and cleaning station update

Had great day with Don and Dr Hook today. Excellent coho fishing continues out of Holland, same baits I posted on Sat plus almost anything else. 210 to 240 today. Hit a pocket of them as we were reeling in our last one for a 3 man limit and things just popped. Had to throw back 5 all said and done. Total 20 and I don't think we lost any. High lines with gold Brads all the way to 85 down on the rigger with spoons. Most of the day the divers were quiet so we put spin doctors and flies on hoping for a stray King and even out 225 on 1 they both went at the end. If you can get out do it now.

Also the parking lot was open but they had the cleaning station locked yet. Looks like real soon maybe even today yet as hoses and stuff were out. 



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Nice to see everyone out there, beautiful day. Took fish with East & West trolls with 1C-4C and DR down trying to catch a big one, but got a little fighter of a coho. Fish were between 2.13# and 3.35#.

5 for 5, one man limit. Red/Gold thinfish, spoons Mrs. Paul and Yellow Jacket, 10" double glow pearl flasher with monkey puke green fly. Depth and area similar to Coralee's. Clocked in at 9:07am left with 5, 10:28am. Surface temp 37.8 with 1 ft rollers. It got better the farther you were out.


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