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South Haven 4 8
Time fished: 830-130
Area fished (GPS lat/lons 0ptional): mile N to 5 miles S of Piers Heads
Best depth of water to be over: 52, 64
Most productive troll direction: N?A
Depth of hits: 13', 52'
Rigger lead lengths: 15'
Number of fishermen aboard: 3
Best lures & colors: golf/red/bk large hotn tot; pink/green spin n glo
Surface temp: 38-40
Down temp for hits (if known):
Troll speed: 2.2 -2.9
Number and kind of fish caught: 1 Coho, 1 laker

Rest of story:

SW 1-2, 1-3s, beautiful day on lake!!!

Set lines in 40fow n trolling west, inside spoon went off from board as soon as on release; lost coho after minute; red/gr/or spoon; trolling north 100' back off big board 4lb coho on hot n tot listed above in 64 fow just S of piers; trolling south, mile north of pier 52 FOW tin can dodger with spin n glo above bouncing off bottom. Front of pier heads quite a few marks especially in 50fow or so hanging down 35-40' depth but no hits. Might have been kings.  Saw Forsythia bush blooming in Bangor on way home so should be getting kings very soon.

Talked to guy at city launch 9 lakers, 1 coho; lakers on naked spin n glos (no flashers) on 225' copper; back n forth in front of [piers.
Dan Agnello, Hockey Puck, on the Reel Woman!

Coho 5
Lakers 1
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Thanks  for that report Dan.  I'm going to try a sneak out Wed AM in S/H after dropping off my better half.


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