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St. Joe 4-1-17


4 for 5 all Coho.   One quick hit as dypsy was initially deployed.  Two shakes and off.
Time fished:  9:00 - 3:30     Two licenses on boat.
Depth of water = 25-30 FOW
Bait =  Storm UV rattlin Thin Fins in Pink fire (2). and Green fire (1).  Also orange Dreamweaver dodger and blue fly. 
Top 10 feet of water

Troll speed: 2-2.5  mph


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Good report!

I have to stay close to home right now as my daughter is about to give birth to our 2nd grandbaby. She is due any day and I have to be ready to watch my grandson when she goes into labor.

Hopefully the Cohos stay in close for a couple more weeks. And don't catch them all make sure to leave me at least a couple! :)

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Thanks for reports guys!!!

My neighbor was out yesterday n today.

No report for today.

Yesterday as of around 3pm, 9 coho, 1 brown n a12# king!

He got the king near the chalets on Jager Bomb spoon on 2 colors of leadcore! Aweful early for a king. Must have been hanging at Cooke and came cruising north for a while. We've gotten small lakers there past few years this time of yr but no kings.

Most of the fish came around the Cooke plant and south. Surf temp was 48-51.7. Perfect  water for Coho n kings.

Trying to take teacher friend on break out this week but blow all week until Sat.

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