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Port Sheldon, 11:30-3pm, 3-23-17

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2/2,  both browns, 2.75# and 2.93#.

Both on 1 color with gold thinfish in 8 and 10 fow. One on north troll 2.5 sog and one on south troll 2.5 sog. No spoon bites. Both north of harbor.

Water surface temp 36.6 to 37.3. Waves were from the SW, 3 foot rollers, pretty tightly spaced.  Great day when I  can finally figure this brown bite out.



2017-03-23 17.57.15.jpg

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From the pictures I'm not 100% sure myself.  The poster is new to this and has caught very few browns, and struggled with fish ID in the past.  Browns also come in lots of strains with different shapes and coloring, then throw in the river runners that color up as well.

The little salmon I got Wednesday I'm not even sure it was a king or coho and really didn't even bother to try to figure out before throwing it back, trolling head long into chop that close to shore.

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