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Still got it, Wednesday PM

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Still got it, Wednesday PM

Took my 13 year old out in the row boat after her ortho consultation.  As I told her, we would gave to agree on what she wanted as it is my money but her teeth.


Set up in ugly 2' chop but I'll take that over the dead calm east winds that were forecast.  Water also had nice color and was above 40.


We lost a nice brown to start the year, then cleaned off one side of the 14' in about 20 seconds landing a triple, all 3-4# browns.  Trolled for 15 more minutes, turned around and hit a small 17" king and another brown.  Kept the biggest brown for a coworker and let the rest go as they were not deeply hooked.


Off the water by seven thoroughly cold and then she asked to stop for ice cream.  Weird, but hey, my 13 year old said yes to fish in conditions most adults would not, then went 4/5 in conditikns where standing was a challenge.

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