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Port Sheldon, 1-5pm, 3-20-17 1st day of Spring

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Went 1/2, both were laketrout, lost 2nd one, when he spit out the hook just before I could net him (8-10#) best guess. 1st one was 6.54# male. Fished around and north of bubbler.

1/1 on DR with, uv mix veggie, down 32ft, back 70ft, in 36 fow, north troll, 2.3 sog, temp was 36.9 degrees, no fishawk used today.

0/1 on adj 8c, adj for 4c on bigger laketrout with Christmas caramel spoon, north troll, 2.3 sog, again in 36 fow.

Waves were 1/2 ft to 2ft lazy rollers, temp 36.9.

Pulled thinfish and other crankbaits with no results.




2017-03-20 19.42.41.jpg

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