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Well, me and the crew took off out of holland in search of some coho yesterday morning. Very cold and icy. Ran out to 200fow and set up marked nothing all day did end 0-3 though had a downrigger release 40 feet down with orange chilly willy, a 150 cu with modified carmel dolphin got ripped, and as well as a 100 cu with double orange crush. Bumpy and cold wrapped things up around 11:00 and came back in.


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1 minute ago, Fishrmac said:

I was thinking of getting the boat out last weekend but looked at this weekend and saw it was frigid. You got out there...I'm sticking with the pier for a week or two

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Yea once we got out we kinda looked at each other and came to the consensus we enjoy this sport to much. Haha

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