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Asian Carp


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Asian Carp

So I was fishing the Kalamazoo River near Douglas/Saugatuck last weekend. While running my boat up the channel I was surprised to see 2 fish jump clear out of the water right next to my boat. They were silver and had forked tails. Not Steelhead or Salmon. Quite honestly while I've never actually seen one in real life they looked just like the pictures I've seen of those Silver Carp. They were about 20 inches long and both jumped clear out of the water right next to my boat.

Seems weird to me. I can't say I've ever had fish jump out of the water in the wake right next to my boat like that. Especially in February.

Is there any other fish that are silver with forked tails that might act this way this time of year?

I'm really hoping they weren't Asian Carp.

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